A mixed-media Installation questioning the idea of artist-strategies.

Frederik Busch created the fictious Artist Nick Frankenberg and gave him a list of 200 words deriving from the art context. In an Interview, Nick talked about himself and his life as an artist using this vocabulary. A photo of Nick sitting at his desk was taken and digitally modified.

The Interview was edited and combinded on DVD with a Video, showing scrolling movements betwenn 3 Points (A B C) on the Photo.

The installation consists of a large room, representing Nick’s working/living space.  The photo is shown as a large fine art print, the video is shown on a large plasma screen monitor. The photo was also printed on 1000 postcards placed on a shelf in the installation. The visitors could take postcards with them. At the local Night of the Museums, Nick came to visit and gave a lecture about himself, his life, and art in general.