installation dealing with the division of everyday life in worktime and sparetime. Having a higly artificial office environment serving as a location of aspiration, discotic elements serve as a location for the expectation of fulfillment of those aspirations.  The tension between the two locations being confronted in one large room creates a floating yet ambivalent atmosphere. An interview with a fictious German office-worker gives an impression of what life in the Officedisco is like. In an ambient infinate audio-loop, a female singer tells you melodically what you may do and what you must not do. The good boss compliments the quality of your work from behind your back. A mobilé consisting of big black circles printed with female faces slowly rotates. The secretary on the wall interrupts her typing and gazes through the room, smiling.

installation: mounted fine art print, small office table, chair, carpet, light, scent, speakers, 2500 postcards-tower, mobile, plants, mirrorballs, musicloop  ,speach.